“You Are Lucky I Only Gave You An Eye” Cubana Chief Priest Defends His Demeaning Look To A Fan

Socialite and superstar barman Pascal Chibuike otherwise called Cubana Chief Priest has safeguarded his dreadful disposition toward a fan.

The Cubana club organizer got the web worked up after a video of him peering down on a man who made adjusts on the web.


The youthful fellow, who is by all accounts an enthusiast of the big name barman and socialite, was thrilled at meeting his godlike object.

Sadly, in light of his pitiful look, Cubana overlooked him and shot him a menacing glare, leaving the web partitioned.

Cubana said that the man was fortunate he just gave him the eye look.

He gave explanations behind his activity and expressed that the man was utilized to set up his scene.

As opposed to focus hands on he was paid for, he had a go at taking recordings of the barman.

Cubana expressed that he doesn’t engage a lazy demeanor at work, consequently the menacing glare.

“Try not to lose center, remain focused on your work, you were paid to convey and organize seats.

Work still scattered you passed on the seats to come up the stage to make recordings when soundcheck is going on when my scene isn’t as yet set. I don’t engage jonzing put your work first you luck out to say na just eye I give you”.

Kemi Filani news reviews Nollywood entertainer and play producer Adeyela Adebola, prominently known as Lizzy Jay or Omo Ibadan, had offered a conciliatory sentiment to a die-hard devotee of hers who she treated cruelly.

The Yoruba entertainer uncovered that she was at ICM on Sunday, July 31st, when a steadfast fan proposed to pay for her food and beverages, including that of her sisters.

Notwithstanding, she didn’t make sure to see the value in them for the sweet motion.

Giving reasons for her way of behaving, she expressed that she wasn’t educated regarding his/her smart demonstration until the fan left.

Valuing the fan, she appealed to God for additional favors.

“I was at ICM today, and somebody paid for my food and drink, including my sister’s, at Rhapsody, in the event that you are the one, I am sorry I didn’t get to say thank you cos I didn’t realize you had cleared our bills until you left,… Thank you such a lot of I value you, may God favor you and enhance your pocket, I and my sister are so thankful to you. In the event that you can see this kindly compassionately send a dm or drop a remark”.

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