Who Is She? Drama Karen Amanda Marie Keshner of Home Depot

@artvangrow: Who Is She? Drama Karen Amanda Marie Keshner of Home Depot

An employee of Own Depot was viciously attacked on TikTok by Amanda Marie @artvangrowllc, a self-described traveler and influencer, who also told them to go back to their place of origin.

She kept writing about her inappropriate actions on social media after that. She posted a video online, but it has received unfavorable criticism, implying that she may find it difficult to comprehend.

Because of the video, she is being referred to as “Karen” on Twitter, and her hateful actions have attracted a lot of attention.



Influencer on TikTok A. M. Amanda Keshner Also known as Home Depot Drama

TikTok celebrity Amanda Marie @artvangrow not only yelled at a Home Depot employee to go back to her country and behave herself, but she also tweeted a recount of the incident on social media.

The 14K+ follower influencer @artvangrow reiterated her racism simply for fun to make sure we understood it. She requested the support of her community in earlier posts.

She added that the comments she uttered during the event weren’t inappropriate, therefore we believe that she also uttered the slur during her rant over Karen.

Drama at Home Depot Fired two employees

Following the posting of a video on her social media account, Amanda Marie fired the employees who got into a fight with her. She revealed in the video that the names of the two workers are Mr. Hansen and Jamie.

She alleges that the two store employees treated her rudely while she was shopping there and that she was escorted out without cause; however, several Twitter users disagree with her and oppose her action against the staff.

Amanda said on Facebook that the two employees had been moved to a different state and had offered to pay her $1,000 as well as to apologize for the event. She added that Hassan accepted responsibility for his conduct.

Home Depot Incident Reddit Video Made By @artvangrow Popular.

Amanda has started to gain popularity on Reddit and YouTube as a result of an incident at a local Home Depot in Tukwila, Washington.

Amanda pulled out her phone and started filming the two employees of a local retail business, noting in the caption that one of the employees had abused her.

She sought several thousand dollars for an ambiguous reason. It’s believed that the altercation began after her influencer discount request was denied. After an escort brought Amanda away, she had a fit and told Hassan, one of the workers, to go back to his country because he was born and raised there.

She also cautions spectators to quit demeaning Americans and go back to their own nation.

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