Who is Kerry Tattersley? $37 sliders turn a LIFESAVER as woman suffers electric shock while vacuum cleaning lawn

A woman claimed that a $37 pair of sliders saved her life after coming perilously close to being electrocuted while cleaning her fake garden. Kerry Tattersley, 36, touched a live current while washing the fake grass in her garden as she attempted to remove the extension line from her extension. She was sent back against the adjacent wall by the sudden electric shock caused by the touch.

Kerry, a support expert from Halifax, Yorkshire, told Metro that she was vacuuming her artificial grass in the garden while her extension wire was plugged in. After mowing the yard, I tried to unplug the extension, but the back plastic piece must have been loose. “I didn’t know, so I grabbed it, but as I was holding the plug, it fell off, electrocuting me and sending me flying back into my wall,” she continued. My arms felt like they were getting electric shocks, and my entire body was in severe pain. “In my kitchen, I was pacing back and forth. I tried to calm my trembling arms, but I couldn’t. It seemed that I had no control over them. She continued, “It hurt like an eight out of ten.

Kelly was shocked to learn how much worse the incident could have been, which made her even more horrified. Kelly was severely shaken up by the incident and needed hospital care. Kerry put off seeking medical attention, and a friend had to convince her to call 111 when she started having respiratory problems. She had escaped more severe wounds because of the grounding effect of the rubber flip-flops she was wearing.

She was included “I answered, “I’ll be OK,” when my friend told me to contact the hospital while I was on the phone. She recommended I phone 111 if I wanted to stay home and simply get advice since I began to breathe a little oddly, almost like I was losing breath. I obeyed, and the operator gave me instructions on what to do if I fell unconscious, to collect my daughter from bed in case I became unconscious, and to stay put while an ambulance was dispatched. The operator on the other end of the line sent an ambulance to her house and then escorted her to Calderdale Royal Hospital.

“When the paramedics arrived, they checked my blood pressure and monitored my heart rate before asking the customary questions about what had happened, whether I had taken any medication, and how much pain I was experiencing physically. They continued by informing me that due to my rapid pulse, slightly raised heart rate, and cold hands, I needed to go to the hospital. Kerry was given paracetamol as soon as she arrived at the adjacent hospital, saw a doctor within 10 minutes, and received an electrocardiogram (ECG). Doctors credited her Puma sliders with sparing her life since they prevented her from getting grounded by the current and suffering nerve damage to her arm.

Kerry remarked “The doctor asked what had happened before describing the consequences of a painful shock. Then he inquired, “Are those what you were wearing at the time.” I said “Yes,” to his statement that “Well, you’re lucky because they probably saved your life.” I was actually shocked. According to the doctors, Kerry’s life was saved because the rubber sliders acted as an insulator and stopped the electrical charge from the socket from passing through her body and to the ground.

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