Who is Guy Reffitt? Capitol rioter and militia member sentenced to 87 months in prison

Guy Reffitt, a Texas resident who actively took part in the Capitol disturbances on January 6, received an 87-month prison term.

Guy Reffitt, who threatened to eject House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from the capitol building and brought a gun to the riot scene, took part in the unrest actively.

Reffitt, a 49-year-old Texas resident from Wylie, is the first of almost 900 Capitol rioters to opt for a trial over a plea deal. Additionally, he received the longest sentence ever for any rioting-related rebellion.

In addition to commending the security personnel, Judge Friedrich also gave Guy Reffitt an 87-month prison term.

Guy Reffitt

Guy Reffitt

Who is Guy Reffitt? Capitol rioter and militia member sentenced to 87 months in prison

Reffitt belongs to the Three Percenters, a group on the right. The idea is founded on the falsehood that just 3% of Americans participated in the wars for the country’s independence and revolution.

Reffitt travelled to Washington, D.C., with another Three Percenter member, as well as his buddy Rocky Hardie, 63, of Austin, Texas, on January 6, 2021.

Reffitt was photographed during the riots using a water bottle to clean his eyes while wearing a blue jacket over a black padded or tactical-style vest and a black helmet with a Go-Pro-style camera attached. Reffitt also had a number of weapons with him.

The jury found him guilty on five charges, including carrying a weapon and inciting unrest. Reffitt is seen threatening Nancy Pelosi in one of the tapes he made of himself.

Guy Reffitt changed his tune after first insisting on going to trial rather than accepting a plea bargain before receiving a prison sentence and referred to himself as dumb.

Reffitt concurred with her assessment.

Reffitt was given a sentence of 87 months in prison, three years of probation, $2,000 in reparations, and required mental health therapy by District Judge Friedrich.

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