Who Is Colby Turner? Age Wife And Wiki – Worcester Police Officer Arrested For Theft

Official Colby Turner of the Worcester Police Department has been kept. The report asserts that he purportedly submitted almost $45,000 in off the clock task slips for occupations that he didn’t perform.

On July 21, the police division learned of potential criminal way of behaving including Turner’s off the clock errands. He entered not blameworthy requests on Tuesday subsequent to being confined on Monday on five crime accusations of burglary more than $1,200 and a wrongdoing accusation of recording bogus cases for repayment.


Turner was accused of requesting installment for off the clock undertakings that he didn’t perform and afterward tolerating it at any rate. After the division learned of the cases the investigator agency sent off a request on July 21.

The phony task sheets included data around five nearby firms between January 1 and July 20, 2022.

Who Is Colby Turner? Wiki Colby Turner is a Worcester cop who has been working throughout the previous five years. He stood out as truly newsworthy after he was blamed for mentioning and getting repayment for off the clock tasks.

Colby’s lawyer Padraic Rafferty says that he is crushed because of the allegation. The assertion from the lawyer says that he comes from an extremely focused and regarded family.

Turner is accused of requesting installment for off the clock assignments that he didn’t perform and afterward tolerating it at any rate. The official is blamed for submitting 18 time slips that purportedly have disjointed approved marks.

Various those with printed approval appear to have made-up names. Moreover, many additionally go against the accounts of different officials who were working at comparative spots at the times Turner submitted, as indicated by those accounts.

How Old Is Colby Turner? Age Details Starting around 2022, Colby Turner is 33 years of age, as per the archives. However, the subtleties of his precise birthdate are absent, according to the computation, he was apparently born in 1989.

Taking into account that Mr. Turner stood out as truly newsworthy for the fake case as of late, none of his own subtleties can be followed. While individuals have been needing to find out about him, he stays to keep it hidden, at this point.

Turner’s case will have a pretrial meeting on September 26. To forestall any likely irreconcilable circumstances, the Worcester County District Attorney’s office won’t keep on taking care of the case after Tuesday’s hearing, as per Scott Croteau, a representative.

Who Is Worcester Police Officer Colby Turner’s Wife? Worcester Police official Coly Turner is apparently hitched to his significant other. In any case, the subtleties of his companion of his family are not accessible on the Internet at present.

The office announced that Turner was arrested at the Worcester police headquarters on Monday. He has argued not liable to the allegation, according to the most recent update.

As per indictment filings, Turner didn’t finish the tasks with the officials who really worked the movements. Moreover, the organizations referenced on the slips additionally affirmed this to the police.

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