Who Is Anthony Templet? Son Accused Of Shooting His Father Burt Three Times

Anthony Templet, a youngster from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, killed his dad by shooting him multiple times. On Thursday, Netflix delivered the trailer of the genuine wrongdoing narrative I Just Killed My Dad. The series depends on the inconceivable, never-before-recounted genuine story of Anthony Templet and his Templet family.

Anthony Templet, 17, was accused of homicide subsequent to killing his dad. Who Is Anthony Templet? Child Shot Father Burt Three Times In June 2019, Anthony Templet shot and killed his dad at home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


The group of a 17-year-old who shot and killed his dad last year guarantees the kid was seized when he was five years of age by his own dad, and they had no clue about where he was until he was captured.

Templet called the police and admitted to shooting his dad threefold. At the point when Anthony got back to his room to leave the contention, his dad followed him and turned out to be unreasonably brutal. As the circumstance crumbled, Templet concealed in his dad’s room and accumulated two guns in the event that the first broke down.

Templet’s stepsister, Natasha, let WAFB know that her brother was captured from their Texas home when he was just five years of age in 2008. Burt, she added, had been living with her mom for almost a decade, was exceptionally oppressive, and battled with liquor abuse.

Natasha told WAFB that Burt manhandled her mom while she was holding Anthony as a child. After Burt left with his child over 10 years prior, she and her mom set up missing banners all over Baton Rogue since they realized he had a family.

Natasha told WAFB that Anthony’s dad has disconnected and mishandled him since his hijacking. Anthony, who had been living with his dad, was taboo from going to the everyday schedule with other relatives.

Anthony Templet Arrest Charges Anthony Templet was accused of homicide in his dad’s passing in June 2019. Anthony Templet, 17, was at first accused of homicide, however an East Baton Rouge Parish excellent jury prosecuted him on second-degree murder allegations. As per relatives, Burt was savagely harmful.

The youngster blamed for killing his dad had argued not liable to second-degree murder. As per the teen, he and his dad got into a battle, and his dad was inebriated and forceful. As per representatives, Anthony got two firearms to safeguard himself and in the long run shot his dad.

The choice to allude the case to a great jury insulted Templet’s safeguard lawyer, Jarrett Ambeau, who was addressing Templet free of charge.

Ambeau guaranteed he recently deferred his client’s all in all correct to a quick preliminary and worked with the lead prosecutor’s office to delay the case going before a fabulous jury until he had additional opportunity to accumulate proof for his client’s benefit.

“Carrying this to a fabulous jury was terribly amateurish,” Ambeau said. Also, he’s being cheated. “I’m interested everything that they said to the stupendous jury. Did they illuminate them that the room entryway had an opening and had been knocked off its pivots?” Ambeau added.

As per agents, Templet dozed in his room when his tanked father awakened him. After a contention, Templet guarantees his dad became forceful and started an actual squabble, which brought about the 17-year-old lethally shooting his dad.

Where Could Anthony Templet Now be? Anthony was conceded abandon Thursday, December 19, 2019, and carried out the rest of his punishment with his stepmother and stepbrother.

He was requested to keep revealing for drug testing and to stay under management after his delivery.

Templet was condemned to five years of directed probation in March 2021 subsequent to tolerating a request understanding and arguing no challenge to the lesser accusation of careless homicide.

In any case, examiner Dana Gummings scrutinized the worth of imprisonment for a young fellow who had never had the chance to go to the everyday schedule about the rest of the world.

As a feature of the request deal, he consented to finish his secondary school instruction and afterward choose whether to proceed or look for everyday work. Assuming he goes along, the mark on his record will be eliminated, as indicated by The Advocate.

Anthony was a five-year-old kid when his dad snatched him. Besides, he was kept as a detainee and was restricted from going to class or meeting anybody.

No other person might have envisioned the physical and mental cost he needed to bear. A dad, whom each kid accepts is their defender, had himself taken his child’s opportunity. No wrongdoing on the planet is more horrifying than that.

Thomas languished peacefully over 11 years, yet when his understanding ran out, he did what any young man in any edge of the world would do. He killed the man to fault for everything wrong that had happened to him.

Thus, the jury and judges were likewise puzzled when the reality of the situation was uncovered.

In light of Templet’s story, the narrative series “I Just Killed My Dad” will be accessible on Netflix on August 9.

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