Where Is Steven Strube Today? Heather Strube Husband And Why Did They Got Separated?

Heather Strube, a florist and mother who passed her tragically at the age of 25 after being murdered by her mother-in-law, is married to Steven Strube.

On April 20, 1984, Heather was born in the United States. She regretfully knocked on heaven’s door on April 26, 2009, in Georgia, USA. Shiloh High School, Auburn University, and Perimeter College were all alumni of Strube.

Steven Strube with his late wife Heather Strube

Steven Strube with his late wife Heather Strube

Where Is Steven Strube Today?

After his beloved wife was fatally shot by his mother, Steven Strube is likely leading a routine life and moving on with his new lover.

Strube played Heather’s husband in a few documentary series after his ex-wife, with whom he had a son, was killed. These included On the Case with Paula Zahn in 2011, Snapped in 2012, and Murder Calls in 2018.

According to the details on his IMDB biography, Steven had credits in 2020’s archival versions of See No Evil and Forensic Files II. He has kept a low profile, though, and doesn’t appear to be active on social media, so information about him is scarce.

What Is Heather Strube’s Husband Doing Now?

According to a source, Steven, Heather’s husband, joined Elite Awnings Inc. in May 2014 and has worked there for about ten years. He currently holds the position of Vice President.

Prior to joining the company, he worked as an estimator at Piedmont Landscape Contractors, LLC, from October 2007 to July 2009, and a maintenance supervisor at Glass Ratner Advisory, from July 2009 to November 2012.

Therefore, Strube was a worker with Piedmont Landscape Contractors on the day of his death, April 26, 2009, when he passed away. Similarly, he attended Parkview High School and graduated from Georgia State University.

We regret in advance if the vice president looks to be a different individual with a similar tag; it has not yet been determined whether he is the late victim of a gunshot’s significant other.

Meet Heather Strube’s Mother-In-Law

Joanna Hayes, Heather’s mother-in-law, shot her daughter-in-law to death while posing as a man with a moustache and wig to maintain her innocence up until the very last moment.

When Carson was 18 months old, Strube and her husband split custody of him. On a daily basis, Strube met Steven in the Target parking lot to exchange Carson, which proceeded without a hitch.

She got into a fight with someone who was blocking her path after the father and son left, and someone shot her to death as someone else saw the entire thing. Despite the fact that the gunman was captured on camera, the suspect could not be identified because of her disguise; this was a planned murder.

Where Is Joanna Hayes Now?

After months of investigation, Joanna received the justice she deserved, was apprehended, and was given a life sentence in jail; as a result, the killer is now in custody.

When a truck driver observed someone driving a white pickup truck belonging to Hayes taking pictures of the retail centre and scanning it using binoculars, the police were able to focus in on the suspect and eventually solve the case. Furthermore, Steve was visibly shaken and recognised his mother in the parking lot video when the interrogator showed it to him.

Despite this, she strongly disputed the accusations and remained true to her word that she was innocent until the prosecutors could persuade the Jurors, at which point they charged her with murder on May 27, 2011. The prisoner will be sentenced to life in jail even though she can petition for parole in 2041.

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