Where Is Lisa Peng Now? Double Murder Convicted – Age And Deportation Update

The previous episode of “The Real Murders of Orange County” highlighted Lisa Peng’s case, piqueing viewers’ interest in her current whereabouts.

The Orange County killings of her rich husband’s mistress and their kid in 1994 resulted in an unusual murder case, and the California State Supreme Court declined to reverse Lisa Peng’s conviction for double murder.

Peng was initially convicted guilty in 1995 of killing Jennifer Ji with a knife and smothering her five-month-old son Kevin. Peng was given a life sentence without the possibility of release at the time.

Throughout that trial, Peng’s attorneys insisted that the husband was the murderer. She was, nonetheless, convicted following a second trial because the jury in the first trial couldn’t agree on a verdict.

Lisa Peng

Lisa Peng

Where Is Lisa Peng Now? Double Murder Convicted

After Lisa Peng was found guilty in the double murder case, the authorities sent her to Taiwan. Her whereabouts have not changed as of 2022.

Peng was suspected of killing a rival and her child in a murder case involving a love triangle that fascinated both America and Asia. Nevertheless, getting a conviction was difficult.

On August 18, 1993, the bodies of Ranbing “Jennifer” Ji, 25, and her 5-month-old son, Kevin, were discovered, upsetting the peace that has come to represent Southern California in Mission Viejo.

Nearly twenty years after the incident, Steve Shadrick, a retired deputy with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, is still troubled by it. The subject is also covered in “The Real Murders of Orange County.”

In 1992, Ji and Peng initially connected in China. She worked in hotel PR when they first ran into each other. After they started dating, she became pregnant by the time of “Real Murders of Orange County.”

Lisa Peng Age: How Old Is She?

According to a source from 2000, Lisa Peng is 49 years old, making her in her sixties as of 2022.

After the killings, Jim Peng agreed to help the police by allowing them to inspect his wife’s closet and later her bank records for clues.

A state appeal court reported that after questioning Lisa Peng for a number of hours, her husband was brought in to speak with her in Chinese.

In an emotional outburst, Lisa Peng disclosed that Ji, who had suffered 18 stab wounds, had stabbed herself unintentionally after falling and that, just hours before, she had bit his mistress during a fight.

To connect her DNA to the bite, authorities utilized her testimony against her and a bite mark on the victim’s arm.

Info On Lisa Peng Husband And Married Life

Jim Peng, Lisa’s husband, and their two children completed the Peng family. The couple has two sons.

The Pengs, who have two boys, have alternated between Rancho Santa Margarita and Taiwan as their places of residence.

According to prosecution testimony, Lisa Peng allegedly threatened Ji after finding out about her husband’s 1992 start of an affair.

She once found them living in the family home after returning from a trip to Taiwan. Then she discovered the mistress’ clothes and tore them to pieces.

Lisa Peng Deportation Update

Lisa Peng was deported to Taiwan in June 2001 as per the terms of the plea deal. She was given credit for time served, nonetheless, and was subsequently released to the Immigration and Naturalization Service for deportation.

A state appeal court reported that after questioning Lisa Peng for a number of hours, her husband was brought in to speak with her in Chinese.

Lisa broke down in tears and revealed to him that Ji had accidently stabbed herself after falling and that Ji had bit his mistress just hours before she died during a fight. Ji had sustained 18 stab wounds.

In Asia, notably in Taiwan, where both Pengs were born, the highly publicized trials in the middle of the 1990s garnered a lot of press coverage. They even served as the inspiration for the graphic Hong Kong murder mystery Lover’s Lover.

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