Where Is He Now? Children of Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter

Amos Roach: Where Is He Now? Children of Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter

Aboriginal musician and dancer Amos Roach. He is also the prodigious musical talent and storyteller Archie Roach’s son.

Archie Roach, an Aboriginal singer, guitarist, and storyteller, is no longer with us. The news of his passing was confirmed by his sons on social media.

On July 30, 2022, the musician passed away at the age of 66. He had struggled with his sickness for a while and was unable to control it. The singer previously battled lung cancer and prevailed.

Amos Roach

Amos Roach

May his departed soul find eternal peace.

Amos Roach is attempting to carry on the legendary Archie Roach’s heritage while living among his people, according to his Wikipedia bio.

Amos is a Gunditjmara and a cultural practitioner, just like his father. He has written and performed numerous songs that have earned him numerous accolades.

In addition, he has performed with the Roach Family Band, Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, and his father.

He became the inaugural recipient of the First Nations Artist in Residence prize in 2021 as a consequence. He is also a fantastic choreographer and dancer.

Archie Roach’s offspring with wife Ruby Hunter include Amos Roach’s siblings.

Ruby Hunter and Archie Roach were a happy couple.

In addition to being his personal companion, Ruby was also his musical partner. They collaborated on music for many years before Hunter passed away on February 17, 2010.

Amos and Eban Roach, the couple’s two amazing boys, were also born into the world. After Archie Roach passed away, it was his sons that gave permission for his name and likeness to be used by others so that his legacy would continue to motivate people in the future.

The entire Roach family played music together in a family band. All members of the family are accomplished musicians and pleased to be Australian natives.

Condolences To The Family Of Archie Roach

Anyone who knows Archie Roach is sent our sincere sympathy.

One of the most important singers from the Aboriginal culture, he always put his community first. His efforts to keep his musical contributions to culture alive will always be valued.

The artist will always be remembered for his songs, which brilliantly tell stories better than any book or movie, despite the fact that he is no longer with us.

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