What’s become of Jim Hood? Was the husband of Bonnie Hood convicted of murder?

What’s become of Jim Hood? Was the husband of Bonnie Hood convicted of murder?

Jim Hood, Boonie Hood’s husband, was found guilty of murdering his wife. He spent the majority of his life in prison.

Formerly well-known in Orange County social circles, millionaire Newport Beach developer Jim Hood was considered a threat to society and given a prison term for the murder of a man he allegedly hired to kill his wife, according to the police.

Bruce E. Beauchamp, a former employee of Hood’s in the construction sector, was shot on March 22, 1992, and Hood was convicted guilty of first-degree murder in December in a case that blended murder and greed.

Hood sat motionless during the hearing while wearing a jail jumpsuit. Hood’s lawyer claims that he is extremely guilty. The prosecutor was criticized for likening the developer to “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

Both Bonnie Hood and the companion she was with at the time of the murderous attack survived gunshot wounds. Later, this witness claimed that Beauchamp was the shooter. A jury exonerated Beauchamp, nonetheless.

Bonnie Hood Husband

Bonnie Hood Husband

What Age Is Jim Hood?

Jim Hood was 50 years old when the incident happened, according to a report from 1994; as a result, he is now in his seventies.

Jim and Bonnie Hood bought the property in the late 1980s. Her primary residence and work location became the rustic hideaway while her developer spouse stayed in Newport Beach.

But on August 19, 1990, following a wonderful wedding party at the resort, 46-year-old Bonnie was killed and passed away in her cabin at around three in the morning.

Rudy Manual, the lodge’s groundskeeper, was also present. Despite being hurt, he was still able to call for help and reveal that the shooter was traveling in a red Jeep.

Jim Hood’s Career Earnings: His Net Worth

Jim Hood was a developer in Newport Beach, therefore he had a sizable net worth to support his opulent way of life.

According to the prosecution, he had his wife slain while she slept with her lover, collected $500,000 in insurance, and then lured the hired hitman to a fatal rendezvous a full year and a half later.

Defense attorneys claim that Hood, who is free on $1 million bond, merely shot an ex-employee in self-defense in March of 1990 and was not responsible for his wife’s murder or her friend’s injuries.

The prosecution argues that the animated renditions of the suspected hit man’s murder given by each side are a first in California history. One attorney refers to these animated reconstructions as “dueling schematics.” Jurors will have to decide between these animations and other evidence.

Who Will Marry Jim Hood In 2022?

Bonnie Hood was originally married to Jim Hood, who then killed her while she was having an extramarital relationship.

Jim told the authorities that he and Bonnie had a strong marriage and that when he arrived at the lodge, he was not aware of the affair. But he had a sneaking hunch that Bonnie had offended someone.

Before ruling him out as a suspect, the police looked into a local livestock rancher who allegedly had a long-running dispute with Rudy Manuel.

When officers questioned Beauchamp, he admitted that he had gone camping in Nelson the night before the sizable wedding celebration in order to relax and have some downtime. He said that he didn’t genuinely know Bonnie Hood when asked directly if he did.

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