What is the ‘What Little Miss Am I’ quiz? How to play the game revealed

The Little Miss movement is still going strong among social media users. On websites like TikTok filters, they are taking the “What Little Miss Am I” quiz to find which characters they most closely resemble.

With hundreds of memes, videos, fan art, and other materials, the kid’s book character has recently dominated the internet. The likelihood is strong that readers have already come across this trend, which is dominating everyone’s social media profiles.

Continue reading for more information if you’re curious about what these quizzes are and how to participate.

What Little Miss Am I' quiz

What Little Miss Am I’ quiz

The “What Little Miss Am I” quiz can be taken in two ways

The enjoyable quiz has two options for users to complete it. The first method involves participating in an online quiz and responding to a few questions based on their personality.

Users must select the correct answers to 7 multiple-choice questions in the quiz, which is available on uquiz.com. These inquiries are meant to aid in the quiz’s determination of participants’ personality attributes.

Prior to answering the seven questions in the questionnaire, test participants must first enter their names in the appropriate boxes at the start of the quiz.

  1. Pick a random song that’s on my “Top 100” playlist.
  2. Cocktail of choice?
  3. What’s your dream life?
  4. Pick a Squishmallow: choose a plushie toy.
  5. Choose a specific weather scenario.
  6. What’s your favorite kind of accessory?
  7. Pick a random down bad scenario I experienced this past year

A thorough evaluation of the quiz taker’s personality will be included in the results. Even screenshots of the player’s results can be shared on social media.

We advise people to regard these results with humour and as a game they can enjoy rather than anything serious.

Using a TikTok filter is a more convenient and alternate technique to find a related result. The filters on TikTok are easy to find and provide users the option of receiving one of the Little Miss characters. To download the filter, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your profile and click on the plus (+) symbol
  2. Click on effects
  3. Click the search bar that is available on top
  4. Type “Little Miss” and choose the filter that appears

Just make a video while utilising the filter, then post it to the website.

Where did the viral trend originate?

The fad was started by Instagram user @juulpuppy, who is known for using children’s book characters as the basis for memes. She told NBC News about the current viral craze when discussing it:

Mr. Men and Little Miss, two children’s books from the 1990s that inspired the persona behind the trends. The former was introduced in 1971, while the latter did so in 1981. Roger Hargreaves, a British author, wrote the books.

Later, the characters appeared in an animated children’s programme of the same name. Three seasons, 104 episodes, and three specials made up the three years the programme lasted from 1994 to 1997.

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