What Happened To Mark Van Dongen Face? Death Or Alive, Where Is Acid Attack Victim Now?

Engineer Mark Van Dongen of the Netherlands was attacked with acid in 2015. The severe injuries he had endured were beyond anyone’s imagination.

At Bristol Crown Court, Berlinah Wallace, Dongen’s girlfriend, was found guilty of purposefully throwing an acidic substance. But why did she ruin his life?To learn everything, keep reading.

Is Mark Van Dongen Dead or in a Coma Following an Acid Attack?

Mark Van Dongen, deceased. He committed suicide fifteen days after the brutal acid attack.

The 29-year-old engineer lost a limb, an ear, and an eye as a result of vitriolage and was paralyzed from the neck down. He spent more than four months unconscious.

Dongen was put to death through euthanasia, a procedure that involves taking a patient’s life to end their suffering. Three medical experts came to the conclusion that Mark had “unbearable physical and psychological agony,” and the application was authorized.

He passed away at a hospital in Belgium on January 3, 2017.

Berlinah Wallace, Dongen’s girlfriend, was found guilty of flinging sulfuric acid. She poured the stuff over Mark as he dozed off. Dongen eventually developed numerous psychological and physical issues. He eventually decided to use assisted suicide in 2017.

Wallace studied fashion and was of South African descent. Five years ago, she and Mark met on an HIV dating website because they shared the illness.

Mark Van Dongen’s Face Photo Before And After

Mark Van Dongen’s face was completely scorched by the acid attack. According to his images, 25% of his body was ruined. His injured skin was surgically removed by the surgeon.

When he arrived at the hospital, Dongen was finally allowed to examine his wounds. He begged and screamed that he wanted to die.

Only a few of his images have been used in news stories; the vast majority are not suitable for public viewing.

From the neck down, his torso and limbs were paralyzed at Berlinah Wallace’s hands. After the incident, the Dutch engineer felt sorrow, and his mental state quickly deteriorated. According to authorities, Wallace threw a tumbler containing 98 percent pure sulfuric acid.

Why Did Berlinah Wallace Attack Her Boyfriend, According to Charges?

For her actions, Berlinah Wallace was given a life sentence. It was the first time an acid attack had resulted in a life sentence.

The analysis revealed that Mark and Berlin’s relationship was rocky. Wallace frequently broke up with Two, and Mark frequently gave him conflicting signals. After five years, he returned to inform her they were still together, but this time he announced he was moving in with Violet Farquharson, his new lover, who is 46.

Dongen also claimed Wallace had threatened and blackmailed him before the incident. He claimed that Wallace had threatened to harm his new girlfriend.

It was determined that Wallace tried to kill her ex-boyfriend because she was jealous of Dongen and his new relationship.

The police investigation found that she had been looking up sulfuric acid. The information revealed that Wallace searched more than 82 websites using his browser. Additionally, the fashion student had purchased an acid bottle from Amazon.com.

On May 23, 2018, Berlinah Wallace was found guilty based on the evidence that was available.

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