The amount of weight Greg Bedard lost Here Are Images Of The Change Before And After

The amount of weight Greg Bedard lost Here Are Images Of The Change Before And After

Senior sports journalist Greg Bedard is currently popular because he used diet to successfully drop a significant amount of weight. He claimed to have lost almost 100 pounds as of late on Twitter.’s owner and columnist since 2017 is Greg. He is a journalist from the United States who spent four years, from 2013 to 2017, covering the NFL for Sports Illustrated.

For almost three years, Bedard covered the Patriots and the NFL for the Boston Globe. His first position was with the Palm Beach Post, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He attended Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School for his secondary school education before attending Rutgers University to study journalism.

Greg Bedard

Greg Bedard

The amount of weight Greg Bedard lost Pictures of the Before and After

After his tweet, Greg Bedard stunned a lot of people. He claimed to have shed 100 pounds.

He was almost 300 pounds when he began his weight loss journey a year ago, and when he hit that weight, he understood that some things needed to alter.

He constantly mentions the weight loss program Awaken 180 on his Twitter. Greg consistently worked hard and made an effort to be the greatest version of himself from day one until the conclusion of the year.

Greg lost almost 35 pounds in the first three months, which was remarkable considering he had been dropping about 12 pounds monthly at that time.

And after 9 months, he had shed about 100 pounds, and he now has a wonderful appearance. His efforts have undoubtedly paid off, as evidenced by the contrast in the image below.

According to his photo, it appears that he concentrated primarily on the areas of his stomach because there is a significant difference between the before and after shots.

What Diet and Exercise Routine Did Greg Bedard Follow to Lose Weight?

Greg Bedard may have lost about 100 pounds with the aid of a strict low-calorie diet and a regular exercise regimen.

According to his social media, he had stated that Awaken180 has assisted him in reducing body fat. High-end weight-loss service Awaken180° Weightloss offers individualized, scientifically supported food regimens and ongoing 1:1 coaching.

We make it easy to reduce weight and achieve lasting results so you can get your life back. It appears that Awaken 180 supports Greg in selecting a diet that he enjoys.

In any weight loss program, nutrition is crucial. It plays a more significant role than exercise. Bedard weighed close to 300 pounds and had a lot of fat, thus his diet was probably heavy in protein and very low in carbohydrates.

Health and illness updates for Greg Bedard

Currently healthy and disease-free, Greg Bedard is in good health. Greg lost a significant amount of weight after nearly a year of diligent work, but some mistook his weight loss for illness, which forced him to reduce it.

Bedard made a great achievement by losing weight. He started a weight loss regimen and started losing weight. Bedard and his family are now content in their home.

His wife’s name is Riya. After a protracted and difficult journey, Greg now seems to be in reasonably good condition, and his story has motivated many obese people.

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