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The owner of the production company Champaran Talkies is the Indian performer, director, and theater artist Neetu Chandra. Mithila Makhaan, directed by her brother Nitin Chandra, was one of her most significant films.

She was raised in Bihar’s Patna. As Teju in Vishnu, Chandra made her debut in a Telugu-language film. Later, in 2005, she was cast as Sweety in Garam Masala, one of her most iconic Hindi films.

Neetu speaks some Bhojpuri. Deswa, a 2011 film in the Bhojpuri language, served as her debut as a creator.

Neetu initially found success as a model and attributes her success to her mother. Her mother was born and raised in East Champaran, Bihar.

As of July 2022, Neetu had earned two Dan dark belts in Taekwondo and represented her nation at the 1997 World Taekwondo Championships in Hong Kong. Neetu is a skilled Taekwondo practitioner.

She appeared on the cover of Indian Maxim’s January 2009 issue.

Neetu had previously been chosen to serve as the Gitanjali brand Hoop’s brand minister.

She adores anything that Aamir Khan has created.

Neetu was portrayed as an Indian Goddess in the Greek movie Block 12 in 2016.

She was allegedly a member of the Never Back Down: Revolt cast.

Neetu is a trained traditional artist.

Chandra had been residing in Los Angeles, California, as of July 2022.

Neetu discovered in July 2022 that a money manager had earlier offered to pay her INR 25 lakh per month if she agreed to become his salaried spouse.

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