How tall is Becky G? Fans gush over singer’s height difference with j-hope at Lollapalooza

J-hope, a member of BTS, made music festival history by becoming the first South Korean performer to headline Lollapalooza.

The gifted performer gave a variety of his songs, including Intro, MORE, Pandora’s Box, Baseline, Cypher Pt1, Hangsang, P.O.P, Equal Sign, STOP, Blue Side, Safety Zone, What If…, Arson, Music Box, Dynamite (Tropical), Daydream, Ego, Hope World, Just Dance, Future, and Chicken Noodle Soup ft. Becky G., on the Lollapalooza stage on Sunday.

During the performance of their popular collaborative song, Chicken Noodle Soup, which features lyrics in Korean, Spanish, and English, Becky G made a special appearance on stage. It is a cool dance routine that emphasises honouring one’s individuality and roots.

The Lollapalooza crowd erupted in cheers as Becky G appeared on stage, matching clothes and dance moves with J-Hope. J-hope and Becky G looked stunning as they performed on the famous platform while wearing immaculate white attire.

Fans exclaimed over the pair’s musical compatibility and endearing height discrepancy, and many of them were curious as to how much of a gap there actually is.

The talented Latina singer Becky G is 5 feet and 1 inch tall, whereas the Equal Sign crooner is 5 feet and 10 inches tall, according to the internet.

Their height difference is considered charming and wonderfully proportionate by ARMYs and Beasters, Becky G’s fandom, who see how well they compliment one another on stage.

BTS' j-hope and Becky G perform Chicken Noodle Soup together

BTS’ j-hope and Becky G perform Chicken Noodle Soup together

BTS’ j-hope and Becky G performed Chicken Noodle Soup for the first time at Lollapalooza

The chart-topping song Chicken Noodle Soup by Arson vocalist and Becky G is being played for the first time right now.

The song, which was included on DJ Webstar’s 2006 album, samples rapper Young B’s song of the same name.

The singer for Arson originally intended for the song to be included in his debut mixtape Hope World, but he was unable to find the perfect collaborator at the time and was forced to release the mixtape without it.

A year later, the BTS member met Becky G at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, and the two of them worked together to recreate this upbeat song in both their respective native tongues and English to honour their origins and identities.

The song was first released on September 27, 2019, to much adoration and enthusiasm, but the COVID-19 epidemic that enveloped the world the following year prevented the duo from performing it in front of a live audience.

The duo debuted the song on live for ARMYs and Beasters at the 2022 Lollapalooza music festival, and the crowd absolutely loved it as they danced and vibed along with them.

Jimin, a member of BTS, also danced to Chicken Noodle Soup while supporting his “Hobi Hyung” after flying in from Seoul.

Becky G expresses her heartfelt gratitude to “bro” j-hope in a sweet Instagram post

The talented Latina singer expressed her gratitude to her “bro” j-hope of BTS on Instagram for the Lollapalooza invitation and the chance to play Chicken Noodle Soup at the festival.

Becky G shared a cute video in which she can be seen getting ready for the performance while Chicken Noodle Soup is playing. She and the BTS member hugged each other affectionately at the conclusion to acknowledge their outstanding performance.

Fans adore the two of them and want to see them work together on more projects in the future because of their lovely connection.

A now-deleted Instagram story and clip from the creative agency The Lab, who previously worked with BTS on their blockbuster title track ON and j-Chicken hope’s Noodle Soup, revealed the planned stage performance.

The devil labours valiantly, but ARMIES toil even more valiantly, and supporters wasted no time in saving these screenshots.

The famous Lollapalooza performance by the MORE singer earned +14.9 million real-time views on Weverse, cementing its place in history.

The Bangtan member currently dominates the global Twitter trends, with “Hobipalooza” receiving 1.74 million tweets and “j-hope at Lollapalooza” coming in at number 2 with 1 million tweets.

The partners on Chicken Noodle Soup made their debut at position three on the global Twitter trends.

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