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Isabella Khairiah Hadid is the real name of popular American model Bella Hadid. She received the 2016 Model of the Year award from the top designers and models in the industry.

Hadid has participated in a select number of well-known modeling assignments and occasions, including New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week. Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, W Magazine, Elle, Australia’s Vogue, and other magazines all used her editorial photographs and magazine covers.

The well-known model has been employed in the field since 2012. Since she became well-known, speculations and persistent rumors have persisted over whether she has had plastic surgery and, if so, which part of her face was changed. In a recent interview with Vogue that was released in March 2022, Hadid discussed it.

Bella Hadid underwent eye surgery, am I correct?

The supermodel has no intention of having an operation on her eyes in the future. Since she was born, her eyes have not changed in look.

Hadid asserted that the reports about her eye surgery were wholly untrue in a 2022 interview with Vogue. She stated that she used facial tape, a common trick employed by everyone in the modeling business, which is why her eyes seemed different in the majority of the shoots and events. The use of tape and conducting eye surgery are two completely distinct activities.

Along with having her eyes operated on, Bella was reportedly said to have had fillers, botox, injections, and full-face plastic surgery. She denied all allegations, stating that she recently underwent rhinoplasty, which she now regrets, and that her appearance is natural.

Bella also admitted that “impostor syndrome” was brought on by people who believed (and still believe) that she became a successful model by undergoing plastic surgery. She even experienced mental health issues as a result of all the online abuse she received. Bella was eventually able to leave the situation with the help of mental intervention and mindfulness, and as of right now, she claims she doesn’t care what other people think of her.

Bella Hadid had surgery on her nose.

The supermodel admitted to Vogue that she surgically changed her nose as a teenager for cosmetic reasons. That is all there is, though. The rest of her face has remained unchanged.

Three years before she started modeling professionally, at the age of 14, Bella admitted to obtaining a nose job. I wish I had kept the nose of my ancestors, she continued, adding that the “adult Bella” would definitely have grown into it.

Bella talked about the rumors about her plastic surgery on various platforms before speaking to Vogue. She was adamant that she could scan her face to prove it when she insisted to InStyle in 2018 that she had never undergone cosmetic fillers.

Bella Hadid’s Before And After Pictures

Bella acknowledged getting a rhinoplasty but denied getting any other facial cosmetic procedures, such as an eye lift or fillers. Based on a puffy photo of Hadid from when she was a teenager that was public, some people thought she had completely transformed how she looked. She argued logically that no one would mature with the same appearance.

A person’s physical and physiological makeup should alter as they age. In addition, transitioning from adolescent to maturity necessitates significant changes, which we think Hadid also underwent. However, because to Hadid’s ongoing media presence, many people have negative things to say about her or are curious about her.

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