Does Alex Jones Have Cancer? Why Is He Being Sued For Conspiracy Theories?

Following a string of “encounters” in Texas, the parents of a Sandy Hook massacre victim who is suing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones reportedly isolated themselves and hired security.

Heslin and Lewis are among the Sandy Hook families that have filed lawsuits, saying they have been abusing victims as a result of Sandy Hook hoax claims for years.

Heslin went as far as to reveal the severity of the injuries to his baby’s body and how he was able to embrace his son when he had a bullet hole in his skull. The argument hinges on a 2017 Infowars program that alleged Heslin didn’t hold his son.

The jurors saw a school photo of a content Jesse that was taken two weeks prior to his passing. The parents didn’t see the photo until after the shooting.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones

Sandy Hooks: Does Alex Jones Have Cancer?

Alex’s counsel assert that Jones has a nasal blockage in addition to other health difficulties during the court proceeding.

Although this hasn’t been verified, online rumors claim that he has cancer.

In a court document filed on Monday, his attorneys asked the judge to deny the families’ request to hold him in contempt of court for his absence.

Mr. Jones “was back on the air from his studio, explaining to his audience that the acute medical problem that had allegedly developed just days before his deposition turned out to be “a blockage in his sinus,” according to the documents filed by the families’ attorneys,” the families’ attorneys claimed.

Why Is He Being Sued? Trial And Court case Details

Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, the parents of Sandy Hook victim Jesse Lewis, are suing Jones for slander.

Jesse, 19 other children, and six adults did not die at the primary school in the shooting, according to Alex, the author of the conspiracy website Infowars, who has made this claim numerous times.

According to Reuters, Jones has now issued an apology for making these claims and is the subject of many defamation lawsuits from Sandy Hook families who say that Jones’ remarks harassed them.

Alex Jones wasn’t present in court for Heslin’s testimony. Jones missed the majority of the testimony during the two-week trial, and when he did turn up, he was escorted by a group of bodyguards.

Jones was scheduled to testify alone on his own during the final day of the hearing on Tuesday.

According to Jones, the legal action taken against him is an infringement on his First Amendment rights.

What Did Alex Jones Say About Sandy Hook? Conspiracy Theories

When the parents of a 6-year-old victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre finally had the chance to meet conspiracy theorist Jones, they struggled to hold back their tears.

During the parents’ day-long emotional statement, the judge chastised the raucous Jones for not being truthful with some of what he said under oath.

Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, whose son Jesse was shot at Sandy Hook, testified during the two-week-long defamation damages trial against Jones and his media company Free Speech Systems.

Earlier that day, Jones had told his television audience that Heslin was “slow” and under the power of demonic forces.

The parents are asking the jury to give them $150 million as restitution for defamation and willful infliction of emotional distress.

Then, the court will consider if Jones and his company are required to provide compensatory damage payments.

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