Blueface Mother Karlissa Saffold Drama Explained: What Happened To His Tooth?

Blueface has dealt with family problems in the past; his mother and sister accuse him of beating them.

But his better half has realized that she actually engaged in a physical altercation with both of them.

Drama involving Blueface Mother Karlissa Saffold explains that Blueface is battling family conflict once more. His mother and sister accuse him of attacking them this time, even though his better half has admitted that she fought against both of them.

Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, uploaded a photo of her face to Instagram that clearly had been enhanced. The rapper of the song “Thotiana” was then criticized by the woman for allowing his better half, Chrisean Rock, to harm her young daughter.

“I must be assured of one thing, and that is the most crucial factor, namely that my child will not, going forward, associate that person with my family.” “Go ahead,” she commanded. “Additionally, neither the police nor the designated authority will.

The Los Angeles rapper allegedly attacked Blueface’s sister and their mother, according to a video Kali Miller posted on her Instagram page. “Deadass, Blueface is a Nigerian weak ass.”

She confirmed that the thug punched my mother and I in the face. The nigga is also insulted and is worthless. Kali also made a few disparaging comments about Blue on her Instagram Story. She once said, “Idc, how much money you have or how big your name is, you are still a weak ass nigga.” This is the video.

But Chrisean Rock later acknowledged in a video that Blueface had actually assaulted his mother and sister while he was on the ground. The 25-year-old rapper confronts Rock in the video below about allegedly approaching them.

It is still a secret how Blueface’s life partner and the rapper’s mother and sister are fighting. Rock can clearly be seen defeating Blueface’s sister in the video that was recorded during the fight. Blueface suddenly appears to be observing the argument without interfering.

What has Blueface Tooth been up to lately? Blueface doesn’t seem to have any dental problems, but it appears that his better half lost a few teeth in a fight.

Chrisean explained what had been happening with her tooth in an Instagram Live video. He was provoked by Jaidyn Alexis, the mother of Blueface’s child and an ex-girlfriend of Chrisean’s. During their actual argument, Chrisean struck her in the mouth with something, knocking out her front teeth.

Chrisean Rock approaches the resources necessary to have her teeth corrected because of her friendship with Blueface and self-improvement as a powerhouse. Blueface informed The Shade Room that she had paid for everything, including my incredibly reliable replacement. I’m basically slowing down because I’m eager to get it in my mouth.

In general, Chrisean is postponing dental work because she dislikes having her gums probed. She has also received a lot of support from others who claim that she wears her missing teeth confidently, which has earned her some respect.

In Blueface’s Girlfriend’s New Tattoo, in the Photo: Chrisean gets a tattoo of Blueface’s name all over his body in blue ink as a result of the two of them recently maintaining their wonderful connection.

Fans asked what had become of her missing teeth as she bragged about her new tattoo on Instagram.

The rapper gestures to her neck while recording from the secondary lounge of a car, displaying a recent tattoo of himself there.

Despite the fact that the rapper and her have recently begun dating, this isn’t her favorite tattoo of him. She got the man’s authority name tattooed all over her body a few months earlier.

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