Artvangrow aka Amanda Marie Video On Viral Home Depot Karen Girl

Amanda Marie is @artvangrow’s true name on TikTok. She gained notoriety for terminating Home Depot employees and requested that they return to their home nations.

After insulting Home Depot staff, the TikTok user was brought up in internet forums and recently went viral. She describes herself as a traveler and a TikTok influencer, and she recently made headlines for her horrendous treatment of Home Depot employees.

Amanda Marie Video On Viral

Amanda Marie Video On Viral

Artvangrow aka Amanda Marie Video On Viral Home Depot Karen Girl

Known online as @artvangrow, Amanda Marie is gaining popularity for firing Home Depot employees. When Marie asked the Home Depot employees to leave their nations, she later tweeted about her irresponsible actions on social media.

She posted a video online, but it received negative feedback. She made a suggestion in the video that she might not fully get it. She went on to add that considering what she was saying at the time, the comments weren’t inappropriate.

However, Amanda has been referred to as “Karen” on Twitter since the video was made public, and her despicable actions have garnered a lot of attention. The name “Karen” is used to describe white women who have a demanding personality that goes above and beyond what is typical. They frequently accomplish this by imposing their will and claiming white privilege.

To provide an example, TikTok star Amanda Marie (@artvangrow) yelled at a home depot employee to behave herself and go back to her home country.

She not only mistreated the employee, but she also had the gall to describe the situation on Twitter and solicit help from the online community in a previous post. She enraged online users, who exposed her for being racist.

Artvangrow’s Age And Real Name

Amanda Marie, who goes as Artvangrow on TikTok, is her real name, as was previously reported.

Although the TikTok influencer has not provided her exact age, it appears that she is in her 30s. Her actions have been discussed on numerous social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit.

With more than 14,000 followers, Amanda exposed her racist tendencies for amusement, harming the feelings of others. Jamie and Mr. Hansen were let go from their positions at Home Depot by her.

After Amanda Marie posted a video of their disagreement on social media, the sacked employees received supportive comments from online people. She claims that while she was there shopping, the two staff members treated her rudely and that she was ejected from the location against her will.

The Video That Went Viral On Reddit, Twitter, Instagram; What Happened?

You can hear the off-the-grid homesteader from her car shooting a Black Home Depot employee in her video. She replied that she was staying when the man shouted, “If you’re going to be disrespectful, go,” and she turned around.

On Facebook, Amanda expressed regret for the situation and said that two of the staff members had been transferred to another state. She also stated that she would pay $1,000. She went on to add that Hassan had accepted responsibility for his deeds.

Amanda was filming the two employees of a neighboring retail store, and she noted in the caption that one of the employees had abused her. She requested several thousand bucks for an ambiguous reason.

It’s believed that the argument began when her request for an influencer discount was denied.

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